ChillBot Docs


The following examples in the code block are shown with the default prefix of chillbot which is /

Music Commands


First join a VC then use the play command. ChillBot will join the VC and start playing lofi music


To make the bot stop playing music and leave the VC use the stop command
stop requires manage messages permission or DJ Role (see premium bot for DJ role)

Now Playing

We've recently added a nowplaying command which gives you information of the currently playing song! In order to use this command you need to vote for the bot. You can Vote for the bot here
You can bypass this by making your guild premium



The help command gives useful information about the bot such as the full list of commands, our affiliations as well as links to vote for the bot and join our support server.
The help command can also be used to give more information about another command. In the example below we will get more information on the prefix command.
/help play


Voting for the bot helps us out a lot and we really appreciate it! When you vote for the bot you gain access to thenowplayingcommand for 12 hours. You can vote for the bot again to gain access to it. To show our gratitude you can also get 1 month of premium by having 100 votes! The vote command gives the voting link to ChillBot's page


The ping command is useful as it gives you latency information about the bot.


Simply gives you link to join our support server


Gives the link link to add the bot to your server


Gives various stats about the bot


You can see all the contributors to chillbot by using the credits command

Musicnowplaying, play, stop
Utilitycredits, help, invite, ping, prefix, stats, support, vote