ChillBot Docs

Premium Commands

By subscribing to a premium chillbot subscription, you will unlock access to 2 additional bots with higher quality and stability than the normal bot!
All bots use the prefix /.
ChillBot Premium has the same commands from the free version of ChillBot and more which are shown below
ChillBot Premium 1 Invite link here.
ChillBot Premium 2 Invite link here.
Parameters in between < > are mandatory. Parameters on either side of the " | " means you choose either one.

DJ Role

DJ role allows members without manage messages permission to stop the bot from playing music. To add a DJ role, first create a role then use the djrole add command followed by a role. You can either mention the role OR use the role ID. You can only have 1 DJ role
You can check if there is already a djrole with djrole info command.
/djrole info
You can remove a DJ role by using the djrole removecommand
/djrole remove


You can set the default volume of chillbot using the Volume command. You can set the volume level from 1-100
This is different from users manually changing the volume by clicking on the bot.
/volume 75


ChillBot Premium has multiple streams that you can use from. To get a list of streams use the station command. This also gives you links to the streams we use.
/station <station>

Premium Guild

To activate chillbot premium
/premium config add
To remove a premium server
/premium config remove (ID)
You can remove a guild by ID if you are not anymore on the server.
To get an overview of all your premium servers and how many can still be upgraded just do :
/premium config list
You can see an example here :
the numbers next to the server names are the id if you want to retrieve them to remove a server via the id